Style Guide: Travel Through Time With Vintage Lighting

If there’s anything that we’ve learned from popular home renovation TV shows like Fixer Upper and Hometown, it’s that vintage style decor is perfect for adding timeless character into your home. If you’re looking to incorporate some classic, yet fresh, decor into your home, adding vintage style lighting throughout your space is a great place to start.

From Mid-Century Modern to Victorian, here are a few of the most popular eras for vintage style lighting.

Mid-Century Modern

Arguably the most sought after vintage decor style, Mid-Century Modern light fixtures often blend natural materials with unique forms and futuristic styling. This era is also particularly easy to blend with other decor styles given its minimalist design, which has probably contributed to its increasing popularity. 

Key Characteristics:

  • Lacks ornamentation with a sleek yet eclectic design
  • Streamlined silhouettes featuring geometric and organic forms
  • Materials often include metals (specifically brass), wood, fiberglass and natural materials



For those who admire the look of a converted warehouse or awe over renovated farmhouses, chances are you’re a fan of the Industrial aesthetic. While this design trend does celebrate the simple, sturdy and raw appearance of old factories, Industrial lighting pairs particularly well with other styles such as modern and country.

Key Characteristics:

  • Design focuses more on functionality than style
  • Typically made of dark-toned steel and unfinished or distressed wood
  • Common features include exposed bulbs, metal shades and wire cages


Art Deco

If you’re a fan of old Hollywood glam then Art Deco lighting is for you. This style features intricate patterns and elegant materials to evoke the luxuriousness and sophistication of this infamous era.

Key Characteristics:

  • Geometric shapes along with symmetric forms
  • Intricate patterns and detail work throughout the fixture
  • Gold leaf and chrome are common finishes of this style



The Victorian era marked a significant shift from gas to electric, and its lighting is famously known for its ornate and intricate design. Victorian style lighting is perfect for those who prefer a more traditional style of decor, and is great for elevating and making your home feel more warm.

Key Characteristics

  • Elaborate detail work on both fixtures and shades
  • Candelabra-style bulbs and converted gas designs
  • Glass shades with etchings, frosted finishes and colorful art


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