10 Light Fixtures to Take Your New Home to The Next Level

When moving to a new home, many of us often initially think of upgrading appliances or buying new furniture.
However, you don’t have to break the bank in order to elevate your abode. In fact, by simply adding or changing up the lighting in your space, you can make it look both larger and more luxurious.

From floor lamps to immaculate chandeliers, here are ten light fixtures that will undoubtedly impress all of your new neighbors.

1. Divergence LED Chandelier

The Divergence LED Chandelier is the ultimate modern lighting accessory. Its bright 3000K color temperature LED lamping will help to illuminate your space, while its abstract body will take you and your houseguests on a trip into the future.

2. Revolve Vanity Light

Between its brass detailing and general similarities to that of antique candleholders, the Revolve Vanity Light will undoubtedly add a touch of elegance to your powder room.

3. Wired Horizontal Pendant

For those with a mid-century to industrial style preference, the Wired Horizontal Pendant is a great choice for you as it offers a modern silhouette with its wide wire cage shade. You can place a couple of these above your kitchen island or use one to illuminate a smaller bathroom.

4. Maverick 60″ Fan

The 60” Maverick ceiling fan certainly upholds its name in all aspects. Each of its three blades are softly rounded giving it an elegantly modern silhouette that can provide enough airflow for a living room or a covered outdoor area. This sleek fixture also boasts itself as being super energy efficient and includes a hand-held remote with six speeds and reverse.

5. Tranche Brass LED Lamp

You don’t have to draw attention upwards in order to make a statement. The Tranche LED lamp in brushed brass offers a sophisticated beauty and stunning details making it the perfect addition to your home decor.

6. Dakota Outdoor Wall Lantern

A contemporary interpretation of a traditional lantern, the Dakota wall lantern boasts qualities of modern elegance as its streamlined frame rises into a softly curved crown. What we’re saying is you’re guaranteed to impress your houseguests before they even walk through your front door.

7. Rinkle Multi-Light Pendant

If you’re looking to make a statement, the Rinkle pendant is just for you. With its hand-shaped sheets of transparent acrylic which are suspended by wires so thin that they’re hardly noticeable, this airy arrangement of abstract forms will practically seem like it’s levitating within your home.

8. Minuta Chandelier

The Minuta chandelier is perfect for those looking for a simple yet elegant piece. Its frosted bulb helps to diffuse the light therefore providing a soft, glowing effect similar to that of a halo. The best part is the Minuta is available in three different sizes so you can select whichever option works best for your space.

9. Eden Floor Lamp

The beauty of the Eden floor lamp truly lies in its details. The tripod base is composed of smooth, natural ash wood grain, a textured grey drum shade, and a black and white fabric covered cord hanging from the center wood pole. Its simple yet sophisticated design is proof that you don’t need brass or stainless steel in order to add a touch of luxury to your home. Because of its minimalistic composition, the Eden is perfect for those with a mid-century, modern decor style to those with a more rustic preference.

10. Synergy Chandelier

Configured in both linear and ring arrangements, the Synergy chandelier is just as much a genuine piece of art as it is a source of light. The coiled line casts light across space in a continuous heliac path, while the curved aluminum allows you to capture the immaculate finishes from every angle.

BONUS: Recessed Lighting

If you’re looking to go beyond statement fixtures, then recessed lighting is the way to go. Adding recessed lighting with dimmers throughout your abode will not only help to create an appealing ambiance, it can also ultimately increase the value of your home. That’s what we call a win-win!

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