Time To Upgrade Your Fans

Gone are the days of the pull chain fan! Most of us remember the tiny fan chains that we couldn’t reach or long ones that would hit us in the face as we walked by. And we can’t forget the inconvenience of having to get up and adjust our fan any time we got too cold or too hot. We’ve even gotten used to the noise that these old A/C fans make when in operation (which only gets louder as these fans age.) Thankfully, as technology has advanced, manufacturers were able to introduce remote-controlled fans. But, the question is, are remotes starting to become this generation’s version of the pull chain fan? Are remote-controlled fans starting to become obsolete in favor of the smart fan? Yes! Manufacturers have invested in tons of research to learn how to make smart fans easier to use and better than ever. Here’s what you need to know. 

There are varying degrees of just how smart a smart fan is. Fans purchased at big-box stores may be smart-ish (meaning the app on your phone has the same features as the remote in your hand and nothing more.) These stores have only added Bluetooth functions to a pretty fan, but it still has the same old A/C motor. However, at LBU Lighting, we have compared multiple manufacturers to offer the best smart fans that the industry has to offer. Not only do we look at the platforms that these smart fans use as controls, but we also know what motor these fans use to make them truly energy efficient, as well as smart. 

Modern Form’s fans have DC motors. This allows a fan to spin more quietly and use minimal energy to produce nearly twice the amount of airflow at high speed. Additionally, this allows their WiFi app to create more than the conventional 3 basic speeds found in standard pull-chain fans, surpassing even the six standard speeds typically offered by non-Wi-Fi DC motor fans. 

The Zephyr 62-inch fan (FR-W2006) is a wonderful example of this. For those who don’t want to program the fan to their phone, it comes with a 6-speed Bluetooth remote. For those who want to have ultimate control of their environment, the app is a great asset. The Modern Forms app allows you to use a sliding scale to choose just the right speed. Additionally, it has a “Breeze Mode,” which will slowly increase and decrease the speed of your fan to create a natural wind effect in your room. You also have the ability to create schedules and have the fan turn on/off at certain times of the day. These fans can even be paired with a smart thermostat! Your fan and

air conditioner will work together to cool your home with minimal energy, reducing your home’s power consumption. 

Big Ass Fans is another fan manufacturer that has taken smart fan technology to a whole new level. These fans are hand-crafted to order right here in the United States, in a state-of-the-art facility in Kentucky. They are beautifully precision-crafted and the technology is truly state of the art. The Haiku features an optional color-changing up-light that has UV-C technology to help clean your home of harmful microbes. It also boasts environmental sensors that allow precession performance. 

Big Ass Fans has also developed a patent-pending Sense-ME technology. This advanced system goes beyond just app-based control, incorporating motion sensors, temperature sensors, and humidity sensors. These are paired with a learning microprocessor built into the fan that allows it to turn on and off when you enter and exit the room. It also changes the fan’s settings to maintain the perfect room environment. 

Ready to join the fan revolution? It’s time to upgrade your fans from the dangling pull chains or boring remotes and gain complete control and ease of operation for your home’s environment. Stop by and see one of our knowledgeable and professional sales associates at your local LBU Lighting showroom today.

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