Casablanca goal for 2014… “YES”!

Q:  What’s new with Casablanca?

A:  At Casablanca, there are  a lot of great things available for 2014. First we have launched a whole new blade system and control platform, two integral parts to our  “Custom Casablanca create your own fan” program. When it comes to  blades for example, we now have  18 different styles to fit all 6 new families in our Custom Casablanca collection. Before we used to have too many blade options that worked on very few models.. Now in our custom Casablanca Collection all the blades will go on ALL the fans.  We still offer indoor and outdoor blades, but many more shapes and styles now. Most all are reversible too.


Our industry has changed in the last couple of years due to government regulations on
energy efficiency. We are finding we need to have more efficient motors in the fans 

which require new electronics. We have done a lot of work in meeting these new standards and making our fans more efficient. We now offer a selection of 4 speed  models  with a convenient battery operated in-wall switch, or a selection of 4 speed pull chain models that can even work with a home automation system. Both configurations offer the possibility to purchase an optional hand held remote.

For example the Brescia model comes with  either a 4 speed pull chain or an in-wall switch. The new in-wall switch is really cool. It is  battery operated! You can use the ground  wire,  but it is not necessary if you don’t have one. You can  replace your existing light switch with the control, or literally, make a hole in the wall, install the switch, add the battery, and your done. We also have a small hand held remote that will work with the in-wall switch, or a version to work with our pull chain models. Some people like the remotes and some people don’t care for then. These news hand held models fit in the palm of your hand, and also have a docking station to mount on the wall.  The whole idea here is simplifying the product line to make it easier for the us to stock the product, easier for our dealers to stock, and ultimately for our customers to coordinate, customize and use. The goal for 2014 is “Yes we can”.

We also have reduced the number of models and finishes to the most popular style and colors. For example, we used to have the Capistrano and the Lania models. The Capistrano being the dry version and the Lania being the wet version of the same exact looking fan. Now the Capistrano has a damp rated motor. Today you can  simply  choose real wooden blade for indoor use, or choose all weather  blades and use the same fan outdoors. This is another example of making the process easy for everyone involved..

Q:  What’s the best selling fan right now?

A:   New fans like the Bullet and Tribeca are very  popular for indoor use. The Heritage model is very popular, indoors and out.  The new Academy fan is also in high demand.  From our legacy series, The Stealth  and Panama’s  have been long standing favorites.  Both of these models are now offered with DC ( Direct Current motors) that offer even more energy efficiency and air movement than before.

Q:  What’s the future for Casablanca?

A:  We have some really exciting things coming for our customers.   Several new models with integrated dimmable LED lighting  are coming on board later this year..  We have 14 new models coming in January. Some very clean designs. Right now we have a lot of 3 blade fans and 5 blade fans, but now we will have an offering of 4 blade fans in the mix.  We are adding some more contemporary outdoor fans to the lineup. We have some great new “resin bodies” coming out. Our designers literally  carved  body designs out of wood, sent  them to our factories,  and had them recreated from resign molds. We will have some really cool looking fans that look like wood but are resin. These will be indoor and outdoor rated. I am very excited about these upcoming additions.

I think it’s important to point out we are the only fan company that has “in-home service”. No matter where a customer has bought our fans from, we offer in-home service within the first 120 days of their purchase.  Now selecting your Casablanca fan, installing it and operating it is so easy,  customers will enjoy the comfort, efficiency and economy. Casablanca,  the world finest ceiling fans, are now Simply Elegant.


Richard Diamond Bio:

Richard Diamond has been in the lighting and ceiling fan business since 1979. At that time fans were bought for there nostalgic qualities. As the energy crisis of the early 1980’s made life uncomfortable for many people, ceiling fans became a necessary household appliance, and sales went through the roof. In 1995 I joined Casablanca. Ceiling fans in South Florida are not a luxury, they are a necessity. Representing Casablanca and Hunter fans  have expanded the assortment of style, finishes, & control options  for both indoor and outdoor fans. It is a pleasure to associated with these brands. We appreciate the support and excellent product knowledge of

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