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Although most of our products come from overseas, it’s always a great feeling when we can buy American-made products for our home. In this blog post, we’ll discuss one the pros and one of the cons of purchasing American-made products in the lighting industry.
Fortunately, some of the top lighting manufacturers are located in our region, such as Hubbardton Forge and Hammerton Studios. With their manufacturing facilities nearby, they offer customizable options for their fixtures, enabling customers to personalize the size, height, and finish, resulting in a unique fixture for their home. Hubbardton Forge, based in Vermont, is renowned for their hammered metal work, which they have seamlessly incorporated into contemporary designs. Similarly, Hammerton Studios, based in Utah, is known for their exquisite glass work in their fixtures. Both companies take immense pride in their products, making us delighted to support them.
American-made fixtures are typically made to order, which can result in longer lead times for consumers. Production times usually range from 6-8 weeks, with some lights taking up to 16 weeks to manufacture. In contrast, products made overseas and stocked in the United States typically have a shorter turnaround time of 7-10 days.
Some wonderful examples of American made products by Hubbardton Forge are:

Tura 9-Light pendant

Erlenmeyer Medium Outdoor Wall Sconce

Since American-made products are made to a higher standard than their overseas counterparts, they’re usually priced higher, as well. However, the quality of these products is worth the extra you’ll have to spend. But, not all lighting products made overseas aren’t worth consideration. Many of the lighting manufacturers that we carry have strict quality controls to ensure that the products they import are the best quality.
Some of our favorite out-of-country manufacturers include WAC/Modern Forms, Schonbek Beyond, ET2, and Generation Brands. WAC/Modern Forms, Schonbek Beyond, and ET2 use innovative LED technology to push the limits of what modern lighting for the home can be like the Caliseo Chandelier by Modern Forms.

Caliseo Chandelier by Modern Forms.

Visual Comfort and Co. has 4 large shipping facilities in the United States, which allows you to find something that fits your unique lighting style and receive it quickly. A couple of examples from Visual Comfort and Co. Modern Collection are:

Calumn 6-light Chandelier

Ash Outdoor Wall Sconce

Want more information on our preferred brands and the wonderful products they offer? Call any of our LBU Lighting locations and our knowledgeable and friendly associates are more than happy to help you! We’ll get you set up with the perfect products made for your home.

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